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Nu4u takes what is old, discarded and broken, recycles it and transforms into something totally NEW! From stunning, once off handmade bio resin bangles and marine-debris necklaces to colouring in kits and artistic tutorials, the message of Repurpose, Upcycle and Save resonates through everything we offer here.

What It Takes To Create 1 Piece Of Eco Friendly Jewellery

Purchasing a handmade, eco-friendly Nu4u piece represents several hours of beach walks, cleaning and sorting through piles of marine debris, which then tells a story that you can wear with pride. Every little piece of plastic waste, fishhook, netting, rope and lure represents marine debris that is no longer causing havoc in our oceans and endangering our marine wildlife.

Often, Jo combines this man made and synthetic marine debris with washed up shells, fallen seed pods, recycled handmade beads, gold leaf and eco friendly dyes. Each piece is an artistic alternative to contemporary jewellery and much friendlier on our environment.

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The Eco-Friendly Bandwagon

Two things that are unlikely to change, our love of fashion and our growing awareness and consciousness of minimising our negative impact on the environment and the world at large.

The environmentally and eco friendly trend is one that consumers of all ages are supporting more and more. Those supporters of ‘all things green’ are increasingly eager to showcase their beliefs through their purchasing decisions, including what they wear. Jewellery is just one of many ways you can be seen ‘promoting’ your beliefs while potentially sparking beautiful conversations with those around you.

Fashionably Sustainable

Sustainable fashion, vegan friendly fashion and low impact fashion are also buzzwords that didn’t really exist until recently.

The great news is that we tick many of these boxes too. Yes, even some of our jewellery pieces are considered vegan whereby no animal products have been included. Where feathers have been included, these are feathers which have been discarded by wild birds.

Perfect for guilt free, conscious gift giving!

Eco Friendly handmade jewellery

Eco Friendly Jewellery

Eco Friendly Bangles

Our Eco Friendly Bangles are often themed. Whether with fish hooks, fishing line and swivels through to cast netting, micro plastics and washed up shells, every bangle is unique and tells a story of what’s going on in our oceans.

For smaller hands, we recommend our resin bangles, with several designs to choose from. For those with larger hands, our wrist cuffs offer a more comfortable option.

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Eco friendly Bangles - Recycled jewellery
Eco friendly earrings - Recycled jewellery

Eco Friendly Earrings

All handmade with medical grade hardware, each resin earring is unique. Featuring anything from gold flakes and small shells, to marine plastics and netting, your earlobes can now share a worthy message!

With a variety of designs and colours available, our eco friendly earrings are a great statement piece to go with an outfit, or make for a lovely gift.

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Statement Necklaces

Imagine a necklace that represents your beliefs, shares a very important message and makes for a great conversation starter!

Made from a combination of man-made marine debris, fishing line, fallen seed pods, feathers and upcycled beads, again, each statement necklace is 100% unique.

We even design a range of Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces to use with your favourite essential oils. Made with a fallen quandong endocarp seed, these are a lovely everyday necklace.

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Statement Necklaces - Recycled jewellery

Wholesale Jewellery

Australian Jewellery Designers Jo Male - Eco friendly Bangles - Recycled jewellery maker

Offer Your Customers an Alternative to Run-of-the-Mill Fashion Jewellery

When it comes to Wholesale purchases, we offer BIG discounts to encourage the spreading of our core eco-friendly ethos and message.  Each of our wholesalers showcases completely different collections from what is available on our web site, so we can all say each piece is a one off. 

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Community Projects

Bags for a Purpose

In support of women living and working in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, we import and stock a range of beautiful, traditionally hand woven bilums. Each bilum [ meaning ” womb”] is made by a woman using her tribal and traditional techniques and patterns from her mainland highland home. 

Having needed to move from their traditional villages in the mountains, these women now live in an island community which is far removed from their original home.  Maintaining their tribal culture is therefore, extremely important for these women- both culturally and financially. 

Bilums are directly purchased from each woman at the price of their choosing. This enables and empowers these women to supplement their income in a dignified manner that is safe and sustainable. 

Nu4u does not charge or make any profit from the sale of these beautiful items. 

We use our web site as a means of promoting the amazing traditional skills and techniques these woman have. 

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Papua New Guinea bilums online

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