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products and tutorials focus on turning recycled materials into new, one off pieces. We specifically design each piece to be a fashion and environmental statement rolled into one. Browse our NuShop. to see what we have on offer at the moment. 


  • Nurture – Our core value is “Nurture the planet. Nurture yourself”. By caring for and nurturing one, we also care and nurture the other. Neither are separate.
  •  Integrity – Our moral principles require us to be honest. The materials we use, where we source them from and how we consequently process them is transparent. We value honesty, respect and truthfulness in our business dealings and also our conduct.  
  • Connection –Building a close relationship between clients, our creations and ourselves is important to us. We listen to client feedback and furthermore appreciate the time you take to communicate with us.
  • Original and Imaginative – Because we believe in providing original, imaginative, high quality products, we consequently take our time making each piece. This means we don’t have many items in stock at any one time.  
  • Enlightened – We craft each Nu4u piece with multiple levels of meaning. A necklace carrying a message about marine conservation may be deliberately made from the very materials threatening our oceans. Alternatively, each tutorial is designed to share our knowledge with you, while simultaneously encouraging you to  develop your own creativity. All our products are made from the heart, come with love and are about caring for our planet. 

Jo’s Educational History

Graduate Diploma of Education (Resource Teaching), Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Arts, Griffith University

Graduate Diploma in Teaching, Mount Gravatt College of Advanced Education (joint programme with Griffith University)

Attendance at a wide range of creative workshops – too many to mention!

Jo’s Creative Journey

As a child, teenager and young adult, I was always a sewer. From making my own dolls clothes as a child to eventually making my own. 

As an adult I began a diverse and varied journey into creative fun which included:

Patchwork, Applique, 1900’s Art Deco Painting, Furniture Restoration / Reclamation, Illuminated lettering,  Jewellery making,  Painted furniture, Interior house painting, Mosaics, Shoe making, Weaving, String / Twine making, Wire work, Whittling and woodcarving, Table lamps from recycled glass and crystal ware, Calligraphy, and most recently,  Resin Jewellery 


So, What Does this Mean For You?

If you aren’t nearby, but are still interested, why not purchase one of my ” How to..” tutorials

To ask any questions about any information presented throughout this site, please click here to contact me. I love a chat.