believes personal expression and creative outflow are vital to achieving health of mind, body and soul.

Our group and private workshops achieve this through experienced, professional guidance towards re imagined pieces which do not conform to a specific fashion, style, or trend.

Instead, each piece is created in a way that allows you to create, wear and use them according to your preferred individual and creative expression.


Basket Making Workshop

In this creative space you’ll learn how to make a coil basket using recycled and natural materials.

This full-day workshop comes complete with written instructions, tips, materials and equipment. 

At the end of the day, you get to take home your own handmade basket created just how you like it using the materials and colours of your choice. In addition, you’ll leave equipped with information that sets you up to make additional pieces at home. 

You are welcome to bring along your own findings, treasures, and “bits and pieces” from home to include in your basket. These can include old, worn favourite piece of clothing, or a broken piece of jewellery for example.

full-day creative workshop$110

Beige Basket on Rocks



Table Lamps Workshop

This full-day workshop comes complete with written instructions, tips, tricks, materials and equipment. Everything you need to make your very own table lamp.

If you have a special piece of glass or crystalware at home you would like to incorporate into your table lamp piece, simply bring it along on the day. This might include a glass or crystal vase, wine glass, plate or bowl for example.

At the end of the day, you get to take home your own handmade recycled glass or crystalware lamp, along with its own LED light source, and written instructions to assist you in continuing to explore this wonderful and creative avenue of expression.

full-day creative workshop | $110

Angel lamp



Wall Art Workshop

During this full-day workshop you can choose from a range of recycled and natural materials supplied by Nu4U to create your own one off wall art piece.  

Select from a range of bamboo, vine, palm inflorescence, shells, recycled jewellery and material, feathers or even seeds!  

If you would like to incorporate something you already have, you’re welcome to bring it along. Feathers, rope, wool almost anything goes.

All instructions, tips, materials and equipment are included, and you take home your own unique handmade wall art along with all the information you need to make your next unique wall art piece for your home, to gift, or to sell.

full-day creative workshop | $110

Wall hanging Wood pearls and shells 2



Jewellery & More

We offer a range of options in our one day Jewellery and More workshops. 

Learn our secrets and tricks for making some of our unique and individual jewellery and accessories. Nothing is kept a secret in these sessions!  

Though we provide all materials and equipment needed, we also share with you how to gather and / or process the materials yourself.  When you return home, you can then independently continue on your own creative journey. 

Our workshops include:

  • Blue Quondong and recycled bead necklace and earrings. Take home your own necklace and matching earrings. 
  • Neck cord and detachable pendant made from recycled rope, material and op shopped jewellery. 
  • Brooch from marine debris and / or natural materials. Time permitting, you can often get 2 pieces made in this session. 
  • Adjustable and multi size belt with detachable pendant created from recycled beads or natural materials. We use a man’s tie and a bangle to make these! 

Please contact us to discuss dates and times to book as times and dates are flexible to meet your requirements. 

Neck Cord Workshop


Received a fabulous cardigan that is perfect for the Melbourne weather and trendy!! Jetta Ferguson-Male, Melbourne.

Received my one of a kind cardigan! Its goes with so many different out fits, fits me very well, comfy, warm and well made. Very happy with it! Thank you! Verity Woodford, Peachester.

I’ve bought a long coat and a Nu4u Neck Wrap Cardigan.  I like that they’re created from recycled jumpers and T shirts and suite the Queensland climate, but also work on those odd, cold winter nights. Wonderful, friendly service and will be supporting Nu4u in the future.  Christine Holden, Boyne Island.