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These bilums are made by women who have moved to West New Britain Province, in search of work. Each hand made bag reflects their traditional, cultural and also tribal identity from the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Our range of beautiful, traditionally hand woven bilums, are made by women to supplement their incomes.  Each is  handcrafted as a reflection of their highland tribal heritage.

There are 839 living languages as well as 600 different tribes in Papua New Guinea.  People, as a result, stay fiercely loyal to their identified tribes and language, no matter where they live.

These women have moved from an area of mountains and jungle, to the contrast of an island of sea and coastline. A stark and distinct difference to their tribal home, culture and traditions.

By weaving these bilums in their spare time, they are able to stay connected to their heritage, maintain their culturally embedded skills and in addition, earn an extra bit of money.

We see this as a win/win for these amazingly resilient and skilled women. Each bilum is purchased directly from them at the price of their choosing.

This enables and empowers these women to live a dignified and sustainable life in a region different to their home.

In partnership with Maula PNG, Nu4u provides a platform through our website, to provided greater exposure for these talented, yet isolated women.

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