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Channeled Art Pieces

Have you ever struggled to find that special gift? One that is personalized, speaks from the heart and has a deep, special message or meaning?

A gift that you can also say, ” This was made especially for you. A one off gift for a one off person.”

Not just something hand made, eco friendly and sustainable, but a piece with much, much more?

A piece that carries multiple layers of meaning-

  • Respect and gratitude for Mother Earth, through recycling, reusing and reducing man made waste.
  • A piece hand crafted from the heart and soul, that sings of an inner meaning, message or feeling.
  • A deep connection with Nature through the channeled use of natural materials such as feathers, vines, shells or even fish scales.

Maybe you just want a piece based on a particular color theme.

Each of our channeled pieces are physical manifestations of all the above.  Each brings that unseen message or meaning out into the open, to be seen and shared.

You may even want a piece for yourself, and why not? Why not gift to yourself?

Channeled pieces are available in 2 ways:

  1. As premade pieces available in our shop
  2. As a commissioned piece

As each piece is made, a running diary is kept. It narrates the creation of each piece and accompanies it when it comes to you.

Please be aware that each commissioned piece may vary. This may be due to the materials available at any given time. The message , feeling or emotion sensed during its making may also be a factor.

Each commissioned piece may also take 2-3 weeks from the time of commission.  This is because they are hand made, with love, and deep attention.


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