Clothing created from recycled materials

Designed and handmade with creative, fashionable recycling in mind, each Nu4u clothing item is a one off piece as well.

Wear a fashion statement garment which also carries a message about recycling. Developed to be worn in various ways, we aim to create each piece as versatile, wearable art.

Drafted above all to be functional garments, Nu4u Wraps combine the benefits of both a scarf and a shawl. Sewn using recycled jumpers and cardigans, these wraps lend themselves to being worn in different ways.  Encouraging creativity forms part of our business values, so it makes sense that our pieces do the same. We believe that everyone has some creative quirky in them and part of our mission is to help you express it in your own unique way.

Nu4u Wrap

You can wear our wraps this way if you’d like but it’s definitely not the only way! Check out this video for more ways to wear them. How to wear a Nu4u Wrap with Jo

Made in different colors, lengths and sizes, each wrap is also a multi size item while also allowing versatile use.

We have even used our own wrap while travelling as a useful pillow and blanket. Challenge yourself to come up with your own unique way of wearing one and make your own fashion statement.

Care for your garment is straightforward. Place it in a laundry bag to wash on a gentle cycle and then dry flat.  Simple!

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