NuArt labeling means it’s 100% our work!

Pieces labelled as ” NuArt” have been designed and handmade by Jo.  Using natural and recycled materials, she works at making one off pieces.

Jo is always pushing and changing her creative thinking, knowledge and skills and as a result, our products reflect this.

Nu Art by Jo

We have created this label to differentiate work by Jo from other artists.  You’ll notice therefore, that other artists work such as the bilums, don’t have this secondary label.

Does this label mean anything else?

Having this label means the piece is not only hand made, but recycled as much as possible. Made from silver plated brass or stainless steel, our current jewellery findings will eventually be replaced with recycled silver.

What if a piece doesn’t have this label?

If a piece doesn’t have the 2nd NuArt label, it simply means the it’s been created by another artist other than Jo or Nu4u. We like to support other artists too and this is a quick and easy way for you to tell the difference.

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