Tutorials for those who can’t attend our workshops.

Developed and written by experienced educators each tutorial is, above all, easy to follow and understand as well as stress free and fun.

Table Lamp Tutorial

What do I get ?

We have set out each tutorial in sections, with pictures accompanying each instruction. To help you understand more complicated instructions or steps, diagrams have also been included.

How skilled Do I need to be?

You need little or no skill to complete your project. Developed for beginners and intermediate craft people, each tutorial begins with the basics and ends with some challenges.

What Materials and Tools Do I Need?

You’ll need basic materials and tools, which are available from local stores or recycle centers. Costs are also kept down too. 

Here are some examples of tools and materials needed. 

  • Scissors, secateurs 
  • Needle and  cotton
  • Recycled or old rope 
  • Recycled glassware
  • Garden trimmings such as vine, branches or bamboo.
  • Recycled fabric or clothes 
  • Recycled pieces of jewelry or beads
  • Raffia, string or ribbon