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Wall art wall hangings.

When you commission wall art wall hangings from Nu4u, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

If you commission wall art wall hangings from us you can be confident it’s a one off.

We make 2D wall art, not a flat painting on canvas, because we believe each piece of work we create needs to be unusual and stand out from the crowd.

Each commission can easily incorporate a range of themes, colors, materials and more which therefore makes your piece personal.  We especially like working with clients to create commissioned pieces which are unique, one off statements.

What do I get in my commission?

Each commission begins with a conversation and connection between us and you.  How this happens depends on a range of things, so we use a variety of methods to connect, including:

  • emails
  • phone calls
  • video link ups
  • face to face meetings [ we like meeting over coffee to  have a chat ]
  • visit to your home
  • you can visit us in our studio

Our conversations include a range of topics to help us understand what you’re looking for.  Have you got a particular style of decor already? Where will your wall art live and do you have a theme or message you’d like to finally incorporate?

We also discuss the range of materials available to us and if you have something personal you’d like us to use and incorporate into your piece.

Want to connect with us?  We look forward to talking, so please click on the link below to start our chat.

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To create your commissioned piece we use a selection of materials.

Natural Materials:

Using natural materials in wall art results in some distinctive and unique pieces.  We use anything at hand, including include bamboo, wonga wonga vine, rose vine, shells, feathers, branches, herbs, flax, palm inflorescence or anything which lends itself to being woven or stitched.

Recycled Materials:

These may include op shopped jewelry, clothing, wire, fishing line, marine plastics, marine debris and also anything else we can get out hands on!


Cost will vary depending on size and dimensions, weight, materials used and postage, all of which we cover in our conversations.

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