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Wire Art

Nu4u wire art began as a gift making idea that sprang out of recycled copper wire, combined with reused beads.  It began as ants made especially for family and friends.  Sometimes it was a birthday present or a Christmas gift sent in the mail. Always, each ant was made specifically for the recipient in mind. Maybe it was a colour theme, or sometimes it was simply a specific bead that dictated how the ant was made.

Very soon it expanded into ” Thank you” presents for people who had provided unconditional support, love and understanding.

Connecting with like minded souls around the world who, like me, wanted to heal firstly themselves and then the world, has become a key part of each day. Daily discussions soon saw me sending ants winging their way to Canada, USA, New Zealand, Italy and the UK.

So- now we offer these amazing wire pieces to you.

Be on the look out for future wire spiders and much more.

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